The Beauty In Chaos

I’m at a point in my life where I’ve learned that there are many different ways to obtain your goals.  Before I was pregnant I was a very career driven woman.  I put a lot, if not all my effort into achieving that next big promotion.  I have always known I was going to eventually be doing my own thing and running my own business, but I was still working on what that business was going to be.  I had all these great ideas but never enough drive to get them started or I’d change my mind and focus on a different goal.  I know right? A little chaotic.

While driving home today from my sisters house I was thinking how crazy time changes things.  How amazing it is that I’m a mom now, but my goals are still the same.  When I found out that I was pregnant I’m not going to lie, I thought my career would be at a stand still and probably never be the same.  I was right about the never be the same part.  Now though, I’ve been forced to look head on at the crossroads in front of me and make a decision.  I’ve left a job that I thought would always be there and I’m actually starting to be my own boss.  I honestly cannot believe what I’ve already accomplished by myself and even though my successes may be considered small to some people, I’ve never been more fulfilled.

I know since becoming a mom I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons.  What I didn’t know was that these lessons I’ve been learning about motherhood are actually helping me in almost every other aspect of my life.  Being a mom takes a lot of strength that you didn’t know you even had to begin with.  I mean sometimes at the end of the day you feel flat out defeated and ready to just be done and finally go to bed.  Being a mom has made me a stronger person and given me so much drive and courage to fulfill my goals that I honestly feel like nothing can stop me now.  I get to be home with my daughter, doing what I love and one day she will see that you can be happy and achieve anything she puts her mind and heart to.  My life has never been more chaotic, it has also never been this perfect.


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