Take Time

Today started off amazingly, it was one of those mornings where everything was perfect.  Or maybe my perception of everything was just super positive.  It was one of those mornings where I really realized how damn fortunate I am.  The blessings of my family and home life are what I am truly fortunate for.

Brooke and I started our day by going for our walk after breakfast.  We went down the side road where I use to spend a lot of my time as a child.  We walked along the ditch picking every fluffy dandelion that Brooke could find.  She’s obsessed with every plant she sees.  Once we got to the side road and started walking along the edge we came to a rather large section of grass filled with clovers!  These clovers were huge, not like last year.  I recall them always being there, just never that big.  I guess that’s what inspired this post for me.  Those clovers to me represent fortune.  Not as in money, but definitely a special type of wealth.

When I was young, and use to walk this same path with my grandpa I never knew how wealthy I actually was.  I never realized what I was growing up with in comparison to some other people.  I was always able to go exploring outdoors whenever I felt like it.  I always had my family close by to guide me in the right direction when I needed it the most.  The amount of unconditional love that surrounded me was far greater than anything else I could ever experience.  That type of wealth.

By now, after realizing all of this while walking along the road with Brooke we were at our next stopping point.  We found ourselves at the back perimeter of the hay field.  The sound was the definition of heaven on earth.  You could only hear the gently breeze of the wind, and the birds singing their songs.  I thought to myself, this is it.  It can’t get better than this.  Until I looked down, and saw Brooke.

Brooke has this type of keen curiosity.  It doesn’t take long to teach her something new.  I was watching her pick all the yellow dandelions that were left in the field, and put them in her stroller to take with us on the rest of our hike.  She started to explore a little more when she picked the clover.  Naturally, I thought she would just add them to her pile of dandelions but instead she wanted to pull out the flower petals from the clover and suck on the ends of them.  I instantly had tears in my eyes, I hadn’t seen anyone do that except my grandpa.  I still don’t know how she decided to do that, or why.  Maybe it was just a weird coincidence.  Or maybe it was just another life experience adding to our fortune.

The point of this post is to remind you to stop once in a while and truly feel your life.  It sounds a little corny, but truly sit back and let those experiences come to you.  Stop worrying about someone else’s time table for a day.  Embrace your own journey and live.  Truly live.  Feel every moment that you can; the good, the bad, the raw.


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