I’m Back

I’ve started writing again! I need a creative outlet in my life 100% hands down! I’m feeling pretty pumped about my life with everything I’ve been blessed with lately.

I started my week off in a lull, feeling super bored, almost lost in my life. I was feeling like I was loosing focus of who I was personally and decided I needed a change. Hell, life gets a little dramatic when you’re keeping your mini me alive and thriving.

Brooke is 15 months old now and it feels like this week she never sleeps! Not because she’s crying or fussy, it’s just been like she just simply doesn’t want to close her eyes. I’m not even kidding you, she stayed awake for 4 hours last night from 8pm till 12 am just talking away to herself. On a few occasions she’d sit up and clap and laugh at the ceiling. I was texting her dad all night telling him I was convinced that we had a ghost. Who apparently has made friends with our little firecracker. She would even “shush” me if I tried talking to her. Who even taught her that?! Probably the ghost.


3 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. It’s most likely to be your grandfather, Grant or my dad. Remember when you told my dad came to you one night in a dream and told you not to kill a spider on Tyler? Lol


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