My Chaos

Oh my goodness! You guys this month has been crazy.  The last couple weeks have been busy, prom/grad season is pretty much over in the makeup world, and I’ve been able to meet some pretty awesome clients this month!  Brooke is feeling so much better now that her ear infection is gone, and she’s getting an adequate amount of sleep now!

I’m pretty much prepping my makeup kits to prepare for wedding season! It will be in full swing this week, going all the way into October!  I feel pretty blessed to be able to pursue my passions in this life, but I got to say I’m even more pumped to be home with my family more and have that flexibility to make my own schedule!  I’m thinking about offering makeup classes during those dreaded winter months, scheduled around my appointments.  So here’s to hoping!

On a completely different topic, can we all just take a moment to realize how damn hard it is to get a toddler to take her medicine.  While Brooke had her ear infection we were prescribed antibiotics, and even though she loved the taste afterwards it was hell trying to get her to actually take it!  If I attempted too late at night she’d puke, if she just finished eating she’d puke, if I waited just before her nap she’d puke! I think you get the point of what I’m trying to say.  Finally, I figured out that if I distracted her by putting any item in a container for her to figure out how to open she’d take her medicine no problem!  The things you think of when you’re a mom eh?  Anyways, to see her back to her old self is like a breath of fresh air.  No, it’s better than that! It makes you really appreciate how awesome she is.  Even when she wasn’t feeling the best she was still blowing kisses to everyone.  My little trooper. ❤


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