Canada Day, and our new bird friend.

Happy Canada Day!  It’s been a busy one for us!  We started our day off by going to StoryBook Gardens to enjoy the events that they had scheduled for the morning.  Luckily, the rain held up and we were able to make it all over the park.  We were able to see some princesses and listen to classic Disney music.  Brooke’s favourite part was probably watching the fish and gease swim around in the ponds.  That girl sure does love animals.  

After we went to the gift shop and picked out the most colourful stuffed animal that Brooke could find, we made our way out of town to go to a community wide BBQ to celebrate even more!  By the time we got there it was so packed that we could barely find a place to park, let alone even walk through the crowds.  Everyone was dressed up wearing red and white, most people even had some crazy hats on too! There was face painting and some local artisan booths set up around the park for everyone to enjoy.  By the time we left it was getting pretty hot out so we headed home for the evening.  

We carried on the rest of our day as per usual; we went to the barn to visit all of the peacocks and eat dinner, went down the road to see Great Grandma and play outside, we even rescued a little birdie.  Our new birdie friend will temporarily be in the “hospital” until he is better and can fly again.  Fortunately, we have a bird cage on hand at the barn that we used for an injured dove in the winter time to use for our new friend.  Brooke helped me gather appropriate bedding for his cage, while Tyler filled his food and water bowls for the night.

I couldn’t help but think this was the perfect day.  The only downside was finding an injured bird, but we noticed a big improvement in his health in a very short amount of time.  It was absolutely heart warming watching Brooke care for our new bird friend, and made me feel like we must be doing something right in the parenting department.  


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