The True Beauty In This World.

I can’t believe Brooke is already almost a year and a half!  I feel like my water broke and we were on our way to the hospital a week ago.  I’m finding myself laughing as she’s currently trying to fight a nap right now.  She’s licking the palm of her hand and rubbing it all over her face.  I mean, anything to keep yourself awake right?  Please tell me my kid isn’t the only one to do this.  Like, please?

Anyways, today we went and checked on our new bird friend to see how he was doing.  So far so good!  He’s been eating and bathing in his little water dish.  We put him outside today in the rabbit hutch that Tyler built last summer.  He seems to be making a good recovery. 

After we visited Tyler to watch him work a bit on the farm.  We walked back to the barn picking up every peacock feather that we could find.  Brooke loves filling up her car with feathers!  She fills the cup holders with the tall feathers and then puts all the short fluffy feathers down by her feet.  

Once we picked up enough feathers we headed out to the back hay field.  This is my favourite spot to be on the farm.  I use to go back there as a little girl and watch my grandfather work the fields all day long.  Usually he stopped everytime I was back there to take a break and explore with me.  That was my favourite thing to do.  Honestly, anything with grandpa was probably my favourite thing to do.  I love knowing Brooke is already getting to experience some of the fun adventures that I got to as a child.  Her eyes light up anytime we are outside enjoying nature and being around animals.  I’m pretty sure every kid loves being outdoors rather than indoors.  Maybe us adults should follow their example, and connect again with the world around us.  Not the materialistic side of things, but the true beauty and treasures that Mother Nature has to offer us.


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