Have you ever noticed if you’re having a really rough day and you decide to go outside and just focus on one thing; the beauty around you.  Mother Nature, herself.  You start to feel better?  I don’t know why but almost everyone that I’ve talked to lately forgets about her a lot.  Even I do sometimes too.  

Sometimes I’ll find myself full of anxiety about problems that I don’t even really have.  Or I’ll just be in a sluggish mood.  Once I go outside and truly take in the world around me I find my mood changing almost instantly.  It’s like I’ve gone from being in a dead end mood, to just completely 100% thankful for the life that I’ve been blessed with.  

Today I started to notice something, a different kind of beauty.  Perhaps the beauty that I saw today has always been there, but this time my perspective was different.  This time I was able to see the beauty in nature and the comparisons it had with some of the hardest times in my life.  

The masterpiece that caught my eye today was this beautiful, full, luscious green tree.  It looked strong, sturdy, and indestructible.  This wasn’t the most beautiful part though; it was wrapped in thorns from the bottom of the trunk to where the branches started to reach for the skies.  It reminded me of our lives and the hardships that we all go through.

The last couple of years my family has been hit pretty hard.  We lost two amazing men, who were the glue to our tribe.  Even though death is apart of life, and unavoidable it’s never easy.  This tree represents life, the thorns and all.  Every aspect of it is beautiful.  Everyone will encounter some thorns along their journey, they may be in many forms too.  That ex that did you wrong, that cancer that took someone away too soon, or even that annoying boss you had a couple years ago.  Those thorns are apart of life.

You’ll notice, even though this tree had all those thorns around the trunk, it was still inspiring.  It was still this beautiful masterpiece.  The branches were still lavished with this healthy green glow and still reaching for the clouds.  This tree is you.  You’ll always be that masterpiece, thorns and all.


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