Bad Days, And The Power Of Unconditional Love.

We all have bad days, some worse than others.  Today I had a definite bad day.  I’m talking about full blown ugly crying before noon.  Today was the result of a build up of unnecessary stress that I hadn’t dealt with yet.  In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was and I actually learned a very valuable lesson.

A bad day can easily become a good day just by allowing your perspective to change.  Today my eyes were opened and I received so much love and support from Tyler, it almost snapped me out of all the negative thoughts running wild in my head.  He reminded me of what’s really important in life and not to sweat the small stuff.  He also showed me first hand how important it is for family to support each other.  

It’s kind of funny because I’m usually the positive one, always finding the good in bad situations but today I was stuck and needed some help.  Tyler was the definition of what a partner is supposed to be like; he was the positive one this time and lifted me up again.  He reminded me that we had a roof over our heads, a beautiful daughter, and food in the fridge.  Everything else didn’t matter.

I realized in the middle of a bad situation Tyler and I were actually the perfect combination of each other.  When one of us is having a rough day, the other is always being positive and supportive.  This was the silver lining in my cloudy day, and forced me to actually be thankful for that brief emotional rainstorm earlier today.  I can honestly say I’ll sleep good tonight.

Long story short; be there for your family, be the light when they need it the most and help them up when they can’t do it by themselves.  We worry so much about finances or superficial things that we actually forget about the important things in life.  We forget about family and the power of unconditional love.


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