A Reminder Of Letting Go

Have you ever noticed how once the hot summer days slowly come to an end and fall starts to enter our lives we become so excited for the leaves to start changing?  And have you ever noticed how beautiful it is to watch nature slowly start to refresh itself?  If only we could learn to see the beauty in our lives that way.

I’ve always loved the saying about fall and how it’s a perfect reminder of letting things go and moving on.  If we could learn anything from nature this would be it.  Each year the trees lose their leaves and remain bare all throughout winter.  They are able to stand tall even through some of the worst storms winter has to offer.  We can be like that too.

The process of leaves changing colours before they fall off the trees for the season is so beautiful to us.  We as humans document each season, especially fall with beautiful photography of this exact process.  For some reason we can see this beauty in an instant, but not our own.  We see the trees letting go of something that has been with them for months on end and we find this beautiful and refreshing.  

It’s time to let go of everything we have been holding on to for too long now.  Be like nature and refresh yourself, be as bare as the naked trees will be during winter.  You’re more than strong enough to weather a few storms.  And when spring time comes again you’ll grow and blossom into an entirely new masterpiece.


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