Family Memories, Apple Orchards, And Don’t Forget About The Worms.

Today was fun!  Brooke woke up a bit grumpy because she decided to have a party in the middle of the night and took forever to fall back to sleep.  Maybe that’s my fault though because I screwed up her nap during the day and accidentally woke her up.  Who knows with toddlers eh?

We were able to spend a good portion of the day outside collecting apples and looking for worms. She loves to collect a few apples back at the orchard and bring them home for our bunny.  The worms though are just for fun I guess.  

I think the best part of watching Brooke grow up here is because it actually brings back a piece of my own childhood and is pretty much what keeps my memories fuelled.  I see her starting to do things that I used to do as a little girl and it warms my heart everyday.  It seems kind of weird maybe but even just watching her pick apples from a tree that my grandfather had planted is special to me, and being able to share these moments with Tyler and her make me happier each day.  

I think it’s important to keep old family memories alive for as long as you can.  And hey, if this happens naturally then that’s even better. I feel more and more blessed as each day arrives, and sometimes can’t believe who I get to live my life with.  Isn’t that what living is all about? 


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