Top Fall Inspired Makeup Looks

Okay, so technically it’s not actually fall yet but it sure does feel like it some days. And I LOVE fall. Sure, everyone is tagging eachother in those “basic, fall Facebook posts” about pumpkin spiced lattes and cozy oversized sweaters and here I am tagging myself. Not to mention I really really like pumpkin spiced lattes. I also get really excited about fall makeup too!  
I played around with a couple different makeup applications that I felt had a little fall/autumn spirit and came up with four different approaches. These makeup applications range from natural to a little bit more bold, because who doesn’t love a deep burgundy lip right? 
I decided to stick with only a few brands, all quite affordable too! If you don’t know me, you’ll soon realize that I love Nyx Cosmetics! I think the price and quality of their products are a 10/10 for most cases.
Top 4 Fall Makeup Looks:

For my first application I used Nyx Cosmetics Beauty Schoold Dropout Palette. This palette has some killer coppers, reds, and oranges. I kept the lid fairly simple; using a light brownish-orange for my transition shade and built it up using brighter oranges, and reds in my crease. 

FOUNDATION: Nyx Stay Matte But Not Flat
LIPS: Clinique Gloss Guava Gold

For my second application I continued using Nyx Cosmetics Beauty Schoold Dropout Palette. I kept the main portion of my lid a golden shimmer shade, while using a light copper in my crease. I kept the shadow fairly soft, to add a bold winged liner.
LINER: Nyx Cosmetics Liquid Matte Eyeliner
FOUNDATION: Clinique Stay Matte
LIPS: Nyx Cosmetics Lingerie Lip (Lipli)

For my third application I used Urban Decay Smoky Palette. I used “high” as my accent colour on my lid, “whiskey” in my crease, blended with “password.”
FOUNDATION: Nyx Cosmetics Stay Matte But Not Flat
LIPS: Mac Matte Lipstick (Cold Hard Cash)

For my final application I continued to use Nyx Cosmetics Beauty School Dropout Palette. The eyes are very similar to my first application, instead I brought a darker colour down to my lash line and smoked it out a bit. This look was to draw attention to my lips more than anything.

FOUNDATION: Tarte Amazonian Full Coverage Foundation 

LIPS: Mac Matte Lipstick (Power Driven)

There you have it, now you’ll have killer fall makeup while drinking your pumpkin spiced lattes (for real, save me some). It’s all about those coppers, reds, oranges, browns, and burgundy. Be creative this season.


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