Fall Fairs, A Broken Toe, And Fall Makeup

I feel like this weekend was really the first time it actually started to feel like fall and I was so beyond thrilled for that! I had to kind of take it easy this weekend because I had an unfortunate event with my fridge. No I didn’t eat all of the ice cream or anything like that; I actually ran right into the corner of the fridge and broke my toe. Yes, you read that right. Of all the years that my fridge has been there you’d think I’d be use to it.

So seeing I was off for the weekend Tyler, Brooke and I headed to a fall fair just outside of the city! Brooke and Tyler had a blast while I hobbled along with them! Even though my toe had its own heartbeat that day; I was rocking a super comfortable sweater, black leggings, and some boots! I feel like I looked like the definition of fall. The fall queen, in more than one way.

I kept it super simple for my makeup; natural eyes with nude lips. I did go a little crazy with the highlighter though. So much so that on the way home Tyler complimented me on my golden nose. Or atleast I took it as a compliment. I used Mac Warm Neutral Palette for my eyes and Mac Matte Lipstick in shade Really Me. I felt great! And by the end of the day my toe wasn’t too purple.


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