How To Change A Bad Day Into A Good Day 

So here I am this morning enjoying a somewhat relaxing breakfast; or atleast as relaxing it can be with a one and half year old, and then it all changed. I could feel my somewhat neutral morning staggering somewhere between positive and negative energy, which quickly turned to negative by lunch time. 

I don’t know if Brooke could feel it too because she decided that her usual two hour nap should only be 20 minutes today, or if it was just one of those days. Who knows, certainly not me! What I did know was that I needed to turn this day around, and fast. Turns out I actually succeeded and feel pretty good now, maybe even better than what I had imagined too! So here’s some tips on changing your day from negative to positive with some easy steps in between.


I decided that I’d finally get out of my pjs (don’t judge me, I just started my weekend early that’s all), and tame my hair. I added some foundation too, with a killer highlight and contouring. Nothing dramatic, but enough that I was feeling myself and the way I looked. That alone started to turn my mood around.


You can do this in many different ways! Some meditate, some go for a run, and some actually de clutter their homes. Seeing Brooke would likely hang all over me if I even attempted meditating I started to get rid of all the clutter in my home! It worked in my favour because Brooke was excited to help. I could see that my mood was improving and I’m pretty sure Brooke could see that mommy was happy again.


Okay, after you’ve de cluttered feel free to rearrange those accent pieces you use to love so much in your home. I found that once I made a little extra space in my living room by de cluttering I was able to bring things out in the open and improve my environment. I moved around some items on my mantle and organized my wall unit.


I find this is what a lot of people are lacking in their lives. It’s okay to just stop for an hour and give yourself that much needed mani and pedi, or at the very least enjoy that face mask you bought last month. I enjoyed an ice cream cone, because chocolate…delicious.

I’m sure all you beauties could think of some awesome ways to handle your chaos too! I hope you all are able to enjoy a couple minutes throughout your day where you don’t have to worry or think about something other than you, because at the end of the day you can’t pour from an empty cup.



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