Fall Leaves, Loved Ones, And My Reason.

Do you ever take pictures of your kids and there’s always that one photo that you LOVE?  The one photo you can’t stop looking at and showing the rest of your family members.  Well I did last week.  This photo of Brooke melts my heart every time, obviously because I’m her mom but the reason it makes me feel all of these emotions all at once is what really gets me.  

Brooke and I started our day after breakfast by going outside and exploring around the farm, we collected all the red and orange leaves that we could find and Brooke was loving every minute of it.  Every time we go out exploring together in nature my mind often becomes so clear and I can easily determine the paths that I need to take in order to reach my goals in life.

We ended up down at her great grandmas house, I’m pretty sure they’re best friends for life.  We go down there almost everyday for popsicles and cuddles.  It’s funny, when I was little like Brooke my grandma was always saving me popsicles too or hiding ice cream bars from my grandpa so I could eat them all on him.

I was taking pictures of Brooke sitting on the front porch and it hit me; not only did I see myself in her, I also saw my uncle and my grandfather.  You see I use to play down at grandmas just like Brooke does, my grandfather use to sit on that front porch daily watching the birds and thinking of fun new adventures that he could take me on.  Brookes’ mischievous personality is a spitting image of my uncles and I could feel them both there with us that day.  Whether they were there with us in spirit or just coming out in Brooke I’m positive they got to experience her that day.


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