My “Weakness” Was Actually My Strength 

I was looking back at pictures of just over a year ago and came across photos of Brooke a couple of weeks after she was born.  I remember when every single one of those photos were taken and every emotion that I felt in between.  I came to one where Brooke was just waking up in the morning from a night from hell.  Not for her, but me.

It was the very first night I didn’t have Tyler right by my side to help me in case she woke up crying or hungry, or maybe just needing snuggles.  You see looking back I know I’d be just fine.  Brooke was a pretty easy baby, but the “new mom” thoughts and fears were running wild in my head and I was feeling pretty alone.

A little back story first; Tyler had come down with a pretty nasty bug and landed up in the hospital due to dehydration.  Once he was discharged the doctors suggested that he come no where near his newborn daughter, so he checked into a hotel.  As much as this sucked at the time it was totally for the best.  I even learned a valuable lesson right from the start.

Tyler grew up around babies and to me seemed pretty confident in being a new dad.  Then there was me; I hadn’t been around babies for very long and I was the one to pass a baby off at any chance I got when I saw it was about to cry.  I always thought I’d suck at this mom thing, until my very own ball of sassyness landed in my arms.  

Life came rolling in and smacked me right in the face, in a good way!  I was forced to put my big girl panties on and be that fierce mother I knew deep down was there.  I grew so much that week (very long, and tiring week) and I thought it was going to be a disaster.  Sometimes we don’t know our own strengths until we are forced to come face to face with them.  You got this momma, keep on doing you and what’s bests for your kiddos.


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