Easy Makeup With A Fast Paced Toddler.

Easy Makeup With A Fast Paced Toddler.

We’ve all been there, you’re on the last step of applying your makeup and that lip liner is on point.  You start to think “holy damn, I’m good.  And those brows?! Don’t get me started!”  So, just as you’re applying that liquid lipstick your angel of a toddler comes up behind you and starts pulling on your pants and screaming.  She’s given you enough time for goodness sakes, lets go outside!  

Today that was my morning!  Here’s my makeup of the day; it’s nothing spectacular but it freshened me up for the day!  I kept it simple with a bold pop of colour for my lips.

For my face I used Clinique Stay Matte (#9) foundation.  This foundation stays put all day long, which is a huge positive for me and my oily skin!  It’s coverage is moderate/full but still allows your natural skin to shine through.  

Believe it or not, but I actually had time to contour and highlight my face using NYX highlight and contour palette.  It’s not my favourite, but the palette is convenient to have if you’re in a rush!  The colour pay off is just okay, and sometimes I end up looking “muddy” if I don’t have enough time to blend properly.  So if you’re going to contour make sure you set aside some extra time!

For my lips I’m using Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour in shade Black Licorice Pop.  I enjoy the texture of these the most out of all the liquid lipsticks I own.  It has a built in primer making its longevity outstanding!  Not to mention, the colours are fantastic.

The last product that I’m wearing is just Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black.  This is your standard mascara, it gives you length and volume.  I don’t care much about my eyes today seeing I’m pretty pressed for time in the morning and I usually throw on giant sunglasses anyways.

I know it’s hard to get up and going in the morning with your little ones, so I don’t always have the chance to put makeup on but when I do I have fun with it!  I think we as moms sometimes forget about ourselves when we are always busy distracting toddlers from having a melt down, or setting up painting stations.  I try to make a little time for myself during the day to recharge and treat myself.  It’s helped wonders and I definitely don’t feel as stressed anymore.